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Whether you’re looking for French ingredients such as gourmet mustard, flavored vinegar or French cheese, great French cooking books, Food guides to Paris or useful cooking material you should have a look at my store.

Although I promised in my about page I would share recipes with no need for weird ingredients, I realize it’s a pretty difficult promise to keep when you like cheese as much as I do ;-) That’s why I made a selection of my favorite French ingredients so you can find here all the cheese varieties, herbs, fleur de sel, flavored mustards and vinegars I’m using in my recipes. Check it out!

Click here to access French Cooking for Dummies’ gourmet boutique.

Click here to check out the kitchenware. You’ll find kitchenware I use (or wish I could use!) and helpful material for realizing some of my recipes like Breton galettes and crepes or raclette.

Click here to access French Cooking for Dummies’ book store.

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