La Grolle de Montmartre

My list of all times favorite restaurants in Paris had to start with this one. If you want to experience something really French, be out of time for a moment, this is definitely your place. When passing through the door, you’ll be entering a tiny mountain chalet right in the middle of Montmartre.

What’s on the menu? Cheese, cheese and more cheese :-)

It’s serving typical Savoyard food. If you need a hint Savoie is a French region situated on the Swiss and Italian border, right in the middle of the Alps. We’re talking about winter food here, the one you enjoy after a day skiing ;-)

Most of the specialties are for sharing. You may already know ‘fondue Savoyarde’. It’s a mix of Swiss cheeses melted on a pot placed over a small burner right on your table. You’ll dip pieces of bread in the cheese and enjoy the flavor.

Now, if only cheese and bread don’t appeal you much for a dinner, don’t worry they have other options. When ordering Raclette and Reblochonade, you’ll get typical Savoyard cooked pork meat along with potatoes and a big piece of cheese to melt (Raclette or Reblochon) on a grill.

If you’d rather have your own plate, you should try a great typical dish called Tartiflette. It’s made with potatoes, bacon, Reblochon cheese and a white wine sauce…amazing!

If you still have space for dessert, you’ll be able to enjoy a great in season fruits chocolate fondue among other typical Savoyard sweets.

The braves will end by a Grolle… The restaurant got his name from a regional drink made with coffee, strong alcohol and orange zests served  warm.

Most main dishes between 18€ and 22€. Booking advised.

La Grolle de Montmartre
31, rue des Trois Frères 75018 Paris
Phone #:+33 (0)1 42 57 36 15
Metro: Abbesses (line 12)

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