Restaurants in Paris

Planning on coming to visit Paris? This section is for you! I’ll be posting here reviews on restaurants I know and like. French cuisine is so different from a region to another, I’ll try to present you a broader view by selecting specialized restaurants all across Paris.

Here, you won’t only be able to find an authentic Parisian brasserie where you can have a nice piece of beef with French fries but also a Savoyard restaurant (mountain region) where you can enjoy all kinds of dishes made with cheese. Of course I’ll also give you good crepes spots ;-) and some tips on dishes you ought to try before going back to your country!

Just remember avoiding tourist spots (often outrageously expensive for the poor quality they serve you) and not being afraid to get lost in small streets to find that tiny little restaurant that can come out as your best Parisian experience!

As promised, here is the first restaurant review of this Parisian restaurants page :-)

Let me introduce you to La Grolle de Montmartre.
You’ll eat cheese and potatoes in a mountain chalet right in the middle of Montmartre.
Great for a winter trip to Paris.

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