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Appetizer spoons/ Finger food recipes

Blue cheese, walnuts and bresaola roll-ups
Coconut ceviche appetizer spoons
Ginger and lime salmon tartare appetizer spoons
Goat cheese and dried figs appetizer spoons
Grapefruit, avocado and crab appetizer spoons
Green apple & salmon appetizer spoons
Lamb and pistachios kebabs
Marinated pork skewers / Pinchos morunos
Prosciutto and blue cheese appetizer spoons
Salmon in dill spread
Smoked duck and pear appetizer spoons
Tomato and mozzarella skewers

Appetizer/ Starter recipes

Baked scallops with Parma ham
Eggs mimosa
Feta stuffed tomatoes
Garlic and parsley baby squid
Ginger and lime salmon tartare
Green asparagus and vinaigrette
Mussels in white wine / Moules marinières
Parisian shirred egg/ Oeuf cocotte à la parisienne
Quiche Lorraine
Salmon shirred eggs / Oeufs cocotte au saumon
Scallops Breton Style / Coquilles St Jacques à  la Bretonne

Salad recipes

Artichoke, fig and Parmesan salad
Green apple and Belgian endive salad
Mango and shrimp salad
Soft cooked egg and bacon salad
Spinach, asparagus & shrimp salad
Two pepper and bean salad
Warm goat cheese salad

Soup, sauces and stock recipes

Bechamel sauce
Beetroot and goat cheese foam
Blue cheese, leek and potato soup

Carrot and orange soup
Chickpea and lime marinated mushrooms soup
Garlic soup
Homemade fish stock
Radish top and parsnip soup
Spinach and coconut soup
Zucchini, spinach and bacon soup

Main dish recipes

Bacon wrapped pork filet mignon with Beaufort cheese
Baked lemon and ginger brill
Beef Burgundy / Boeuf Bourguignon
Beef tartare
Bordeaux style fish / Poisson à  la Bordelaise
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Cottage pie / Hachis parmentier
Cuttlefish (calamari) Provence style
Duck magret in pineapple red Thai curry
Duck Parmentier with Comte cheese
Fabada Asturiana/ Spanish bean stew
Fennel puree and fries with sea bass and its aniseed sauce
Feta cheese and cherry tomato Breton galette
Feta stuffed tomatoes
Garlic and parsley baby squid

Ham and cheese crepe / Galette complète
Herbed mascarpone stuffed chicken
Lamb and pistachios kebabs
Lemon and ginger brill
Lemon stuffed chicken
Mango and shrimp salad

Marinated pork skewers / Pinchos morunos
Mussels in white wine / Moules marinières
Olive and feta cheese meatballs
Quiche Lorraine
Provençal style mussels
Rabbit in mustard sauce
Rainbow trout en papillote
Scallops Breton Style / Coquilles St Jacques à  la Bretonne
Traditional veal blanquette (stew)
Wasabi and citrus salmon

Side dish recipes

Au gratin style potatoes / Gratin dauphinois
Green asparagus and vinaigrette
Mashed potatoes
Mashed brocolis soufflés
Mashed cauliflower
Mushroom baked potatoes
Parmesan, goat cheese and spinach flans
Spinach soufflés
Zucchini and Comté cheese gratin

Dessert recipes

Apricot and mango crumble
Chocolate floating islands
Chocolate mousse
Dark and white chocolate molten cake
Lemon pie
Molten chocolate cake
Strawberry and peach salad with wine syrup
White chocolate molten cake with raspberries
White chocolate stuffed mandarins


Chocolate and passion fruit truffles
Raspberry and black pepper curd

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