White chocolate molten cake with raspberries

White chocolate molten cake with raspberries recipe

I don’t know if it’s due to the winter weather that’s already here but I’ve been making (and eating, do I need to say?) tons of molten chocolate cakes lately. It feels so good when it’s cold outside to be baking and eating warm chocolate cakes that melt in your mouth  :-D

You already know how to bake a dark chocolate molten cake, even have a recipe for a white chocolate ganache. Let’s introduce the white chocolate molten cake with raspberries recipe!

White chocolate is very sweet, it tastes better in my opinion when balanced with a sour fruit. Raspberry is perfect for it but you can replace it with cherry if you like.

Preparation time: 15 mn (+ 1h in the fridge) Cooking time: 6 to 7 mn

Ingredients (for 4 cakes)

16 raspberries
5 oz (140 g) of white chocolate
1/4 cup (50 g) of butter
2 tablespoons (30 g) of golden or brown sugar
2 tablespoons of whipped cream
1 tablespoon of flour
1/2 tablespoon of corn starch
2 eggs


1/ In a salad bowl beat egg and sugar until mixture gets a lighter color. Add flour and corn starch and whisk.

2/ Heat a large saucepan half filled with water.

3/ Dice butter and chocolate and heat it, along with the whipping cream “au bain-marie” (click here for more detailled explanation on how to do it if you don’t have the right tool ;-) )

4/ Mix molten chocolate in with egg and sugar mixture until it gets smooth.

5/ Leave preparation for 1h in the fridge so mixture gets thicker.

6/ Preheat oven to 460° F (240° C / Th 8).

7/ Grease a muffin mold.

8/ Fill 2/3 of the muffin mold with chocolate mixture and top with raspberries.

9/ Heat in oven for 6 to 7 minutes.

10/ Take chocolate cakes out of the oven and pull them carefully out of the muffin mold.

Let your white chocolate molten cakes with raspberries chill down a little and serve them while they’re still warm.

32 thoughts on “White chocolate molten cake with raspberries

  1. 11/12/2009 at 1:17 AM

    OMG I am sooooo making this one !!!!!!! lovely and mouth watering!!!!

  2. 11/12/2009 at 1:28 AM

    Nice variation on regular molten cakes. Pairing with the raspberries sounds delicious!

  3. 11/12/2009 at 2:04 AM

    Ah, a good twist on the normal lava cake recipes. Great idea.

  4. 11/12/2009 at 2:13 AM

    I, too, felt the need to bake tonight even after a long work day. With me, it was “double apple bars” to go with my new bottle of Pennsylvania Dutch eggnog. Nom nom nom.

  5. 11/12/2009 at 5:57 AM

    How gorgeous would these be offered side by side with the molten cakes. Beautiful idea for the white chocolate molten cakes.

  6. 11/12/2009 at 10:59 AM

    Mouth watering! My heart melt on that piece of cake.

  7. 11/13/2009 at 12:56 AM

    Brilliant. Easy, creative, luscious, delicious. 5 stars lovey, all the way. Cheers!

  8. 11/13/2009 at 1:44 AM

    Great when an elegant dessert like this is so easy to pull together ~ looks delicious!

  9. 11/13/2009 at 4:52 PM

    This. just. looks. amazing. oh my!

  10. 11/13/2009 at 6:26 PM

    These are to die for gorgeous. Tres elegant.
    Bonne journee,

  11. 11/14/2009 at 12:33 PM

    Very good variation for regular molten chocolate cake. Sounds delicious.
    Great blog !!!

  12. 11/14/2009 at 1:48 PM

    These are so delicious! Love the combo. Already bookmark it. Thanks.

  13. 11/15/2009 at 11:11 PM

    Waw,…I so loved your first dark chocolate molten cake & this one looks equally excellent!

    MMMMMMMMMM,….so lovely!!!

  14. 11/16/2009 at 2:53 PM

    This sounds very good. I will try them soon! Merci!

  15. 11/16/2009 at 4:32 PM

    Oh. My. Goodnes. How wonderful does that look!?! Immediately going on my must-try list.

  16. 11/17/2009 at 1:05 AM

    Woah, lordy have mercy! My first stop here and I am hooked, and this is bookmarked!

  17. 11/18/2009 at 1:24 PM

    Your molten cake sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  18. 12/06/2009 at 3:36 AM

    All I can say is Mmmmmm! Looks delicious.

  19. naz
    12/17/2009 at 3:52 AM

    mmmmm such a sinful dessert.. gonna try this one day for sure..

  20. 02/15/2010 at 4:48 PM

    How much whipping cream? Would love to make these! Just don’t see the amount in the recipe. Thanks in advance!

  21. 02/15/2010 at 11:04 PM

    You’re right! I forgot it. It’s 2 tablespoons of whipped cream. Thanks for helping make this site better :D

  22. 03/25/2010 at 7:14 PM

    beautiful and what a great variation – I have yet to see a white chocolate version of these on a menu here, I would love to make this at home! now I just need to wait for berries to come into season….

  23. 05/15/2010 at 2:37 PM

    How glad I am to have found you. Yummy yummy yummy I have white chocolate molten cake in my tummy.

  24. 05/16/2010 at 4:13 AM

    oh wow looks amazing

  25. Tanisha
    05/07/2011 at 3:54 PM

    Rasberries are so sour. YUCK!

  26. 05/27/2011 at 11:29 PM

    I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to reach my goals. I definitely enjoy reading all that is posted on your blog.Keep the aarticles coming. I liked it!

  27. 07/07/2011 at 8:29 AM


    I love molten cake
    mmmmm but how many Calories in side

    thank you :)

  28. 07/09/2011 at 12:25 PM

    I must admit I have no idea… But I’m sure it’s better not to know! A lot, that’s for sure ;)

  29. 11/10/2011 at 6:14 AM

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  30. portia
    11/12/2013 at 9:25 PM

    these sound amazing. can they be made a day ahead? in other words, prepare the mixture and put into ramekins until time to bake and serve?

  31. 12/08/2013 at 8:25 PM

    Yes they can but I would wait unti the next day to top with raspberries. In other words, you can realize steps 1 to 5 the day before and restart at step 6 on the next day. Let me know how you like them!

  32. 02/17/2014 at 5:12 PM

    i don’t have enough words for this amazing dessert, just enjoy it and taste that fresh and unic aroma of raspberries, yummy
    Aurica Last post…Potato saladMy Profile

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